The 7 Key Principles
of Living Your Life's Dreams

By Paul Bauer - President, Dreams Alive International

Here are 7 KEY  Principles that will help you apply your innate talents and strengths to create Your Life's Dreams (not just goals...)

Clear Your Mind
Begin by breathing deeply and taking regular "fun" breaks.
Deep breathing is proven to relax the mind and body and provide more oxygen to the brain for clearer thought and higher creativity. Always come back to your breathing. Is it shallow, or are you breathing freely?

2. Get
Clarity and ask

Ask yourself:

What would I really Love to do?"


"What have I been longing to do -- for years?"

DARE to imagine your new possibilities.

3. Find what you're most
Passionate about
Your passion is like a guiding light - guiding you towards new and bright possibilities in your personal and professional life. Take time to write down your passions. (Hint: there's tremendous power in writing down your passions - it helps you get clarity about what you truly enjoy!)

Allow others to help - The power of partnering
The "secret" used by Spielberg, Lucas, Gates, Jobs and thousands of "Successful Dreamers" who have risen above mediocrity because they DARED to Dream of a better life.

Connect with people - Share your Dream
Find people who share in your passion - ask them for their opinion and allow them to contribute to your masterpiece... Ask for visionaries to come to you.

6. Brainstorm -
Mastermind Your ideas and help others
create their Dreams

Write down your ideas AS THEY COME TO YOU. Then, later you can critique them and fine-tune them into works of art. Get together with your own MasterMind group and they will help you tailor your idea into genius.

Visualize success in advance - A Powerful exercise
Picture your Life's Dream ALREADY created. Feel how it would feel to truly experience your highest aspirations already REAL in your life. Instead of just visualizing your desire, when you add the passion into your visualization, you will attain it or something better! This secret is used by hundreds of successful people to improve their health, their businesses, their relationships, their wealth and their peace of mind.

Bonus Step: Practice
Let go of the outcome, and practice your best skills daily - go to bed at night FEELING and KNOWING that you have done your best. And be grateful for all that you have... your health, your family, your mind, your friends, your business,

God Bless,

Paul Bauer
President - Dreams Alive International
Author of Dream-Minder -
Software That Frees Your Mind
And Lifts Your Spirit

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May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily, effortlessly as you make your Dreams real...

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