Straight Talk On The Power
Of Your Life's Dreams

By Paul Bauer

You have capacities and talents that you might not yet even realize. Deep within you, a force beyond your comprehension exists. This force has always been there - waiting, simmering, aching to be tapped. Knowing how to tap this power signifies the difference between those of us who are successful and those who are not. The power of your Dream means taking something you believe in, something you Love to do and crafting it and sharing it with the world. Maybe you’ve always wanted to build something or start your own company or sing or help others. The list is as infinite as your imagination. Notice how I have said that you’re imagination is infinite. This is a powerful truth. Knowing this and realizing it will make a major difference in not only what results you produce, but also in your ability to imagine and visualize what you can produce.

Your Life's Dreams Can become Real!

In my seminars and workshops, people begin to sense the possibilities of how something could happen for them! And they realize that their ability to make it happen depends first upon their ability to imagine it already created. A key point - as you visualize your Dreams, if an image doesn't come to you, don't force it. The key to tapping your imagination is allowing it to flow freely through you.

The power of your Dream comes from your Heart. Your Heart is your true center. Think of this. When someone says, "He put his Heart and soul into it", these words are literal. Your Dreams emanate from your Heart, or as an old sage once said, "Your Dreams are the children of your Heart, the voice of your Soul". Ancient cultures teach that we have 7 energy centers or chakras that carry our power. Our Heart chakra is the bridge between the upper three and lower three chakras. The difference between someone who uses just sheer effort and a person who combines effort with the passion of their Heart is that the person who taps their Heart’s passion will often persevere through any perceived obstacle they may encounter.

When you find and blend your work with what you are truly passionate about, as Henry David Thoreau puts it:

"When you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, endeavor to live the life that you have imagined, you will meet with success unexpected in common hours."

How do you discover or, as I prefer to describe it - re-discover your Dreams? Why do I say re-discover? Because in your Heart and soul, you already know what your Dreams are. You are here on earth for a purpose. Your journey here is not an accident. When you re-discover your purpose and align with it, realizing and living your Dreams will come very easily to you. You may have to do some letting go of the old beliefs and ways of doing things, but I assure you it will be well worth the effort.

The Struggle of the Ego

The only thing standing between you and truly living your Dreams is your ego. Your ego wants to struggle. Your ego is constantly concerned with how and when things are going to happen. Your Spirit, which speaks through your Heart is the True you. Author Guy Finley, in his book The Secret of Letting Go explains in simple terms that our egos try to "get the best of us". Our True nature, as he calls it, does not seek to struggle, only to be. Our True self seeks only to live life with the joy and love that we are capable of giving and receiving.

The power of your dream is to realize that you are the power of the Universe in this moment. Breathe life in, and let go of unneeded stress; letting it just wash away. Ask for help from people you trust. It will come to you in ways you may not expect. Be open and ready to receive gifts and help from new sources that you may not have normally expected. Allow the Universe to come to you, ask for God's help. Be patient and prepare to "Awaken Your Dreams".

Know this - Real happiness and satisfaction in life depends upon how you embrace what You are passionate about! And only by embracing your passions can you achieve the happiness you are destined for.

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