Healing from the Heart

Healing from the Heart

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  • Healing from the Heart

    Healing From the Heart

    Susan M. Castle has been in the healthcare field for over 15 years. During this time, she has studied and experienced the best therapies that help people experience more radiance, joy and positive results in their lives.

    Susan has shared her gentle gifts with hundreds of people throughout the country. "With the voice of an angel", Susan's quiet grounded manner invites people of all kinds to know deeply that they are divine and able to manifest their Heart's desires.

    Beginning in 1996, Susan discovered a method known as the Radiant Heart process. She studied with Dr. Sharon Wendt who pioneered this powerful new process. Susan became certified and is now sharing her own unique version called Healing From the Heart.

    Why Healing From the Heart Therapy Is So Powerful

    A very unique method to opening the Heart and clearing the energy field. Healing From the Heart Therapy utilizes vibrational medicine, imagery, healing energy and active visualization to facilitate optimal health and living a life of radiance and joy.

    Learn the art of opening your own Heart and feel your very own radiance. The benefits of Healing from the Heart are:

  • Free flowing feelings of peace, Love and joy
  • Opening your Heart to the energy of Love, Self Love, Divine Love and the Love of others
  • Purposeful living: living your soul's path and fulfilling your Heart's desires
  • Radiant Health: Forgiveness of self allows the release of stuck emotions
  • Embracing your own inner healer
  • Development of new patterns
  • Freedom to create new empowering choices in your life

    Because the Heart is the bridge between the human and the Divine...
    Susan welcomes you to her new web page and invites you to learn more about the Healing from the Heart process and her famous Sleep Tapes.

    Love is the beginning of the journey
    It is the end
    and the journey itself

    - Deepak Chopra
    from The Path To Love

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