How Do You Know If You Have A Wealth
Or A Poverty Consciousness?

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True False
Do you ever feel guilty when you spend money?
Do you ever say phrases like "I can't afford it"?
Making money is stressful
It takes hard work to create money in your life
My family beliefs don't affect my own personal money issues
When I retire I'll begin to enjoy life
Your bank account determines how wealthy you are

    Your Score

It means...
0 A score of zero indicates you probably have a poverty consciousness
1 to 2 A score in this range means you have poverty beliefs that may be affecting your ability to attract wealth and abundance
2 to 4 A score in this range means you may be working too hard or overlooking some important issues under the surface. Many people feel stressed at this level even though they "know what to do" to gain wealth.
3 to 5 A score in this range means you have good prosperity beliefs (but there's a bit of stress that's draining your wealth consciousness.)
5 to 7 A score in this range means you have a healthy wealth consciousness.

Some of the answers were quite surprising, weren't they?  Don't be alarmed if you didn't do so well on this test.  Many people are surprised when they find out the real reasons why they aren't attracting the kind of wealth and abundance they know they deserve.

So, what is it that makes one person attract wealth and abundance and yet others continue to struggle?

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