How deep breathing can help you
relieve stress and help you
attract what you desire

By Paul Bauer

Deep breathing, otherwise known as diaphragmatic breathing, has been practiced for centuries. Some think that this type of breathing is reserved for Yoga masters, Spiritual teachers or people that have practiced this “art” for years. but we are beginning to realize that anyone - “common folks” - can practice this calming and balancing skill.

Why be concerned about deep breathing?

Great question. Some believe that they are already breathing properly. If you ever feel stressed or frustrated, try this simple test.

1) Lie down or sit upright and get comfortable

2) Place your hands on your lower abdomen

3) Exhale first, then

4) Breathe deeply, focusing on drawing your breath from your nose through your lungs down through your diaphragm (lower abdomen)

5) As you continue this cycle, you will begin to notice if you have been breathing from your chest or from your diaphragm

6) If you already breathe from your diaphragm, congratulations! See Awareness below

If you find it difficult, be patient, this took me some time to learn The key was I found a “coach” to help me notice that I was breathing way up in my chest - and I didn’t even notice!

As you practice deep rhythmic breathing, you want to be aware of your breath slowly, calmly, like a cloud moving softly through the sky - effortlessly. You will begin to notice that when you concentrate on your breath, you begin to let go of unneeded thoughts, habits, patterns that may no longer serve you. Be patient, masterpieces take time...

For more information on breathing properly, consult our Mediography for a tremendous list of resources - books, music and tapes for your mind, body and spirit. Specifically, Jon-Kabat-Zin’s “Wherever You Go There You Are” is a great work that will give you much perspective on what Jon calls Mindfulness - Awareness of your breath, your mind, your spirit...

When your mind and body are calm - you can access your intuition - your imagination - This is where your creativity and hopes and Dreams come from. When you can access this source of wisdom that you've always had, you will find that you will be able to attract what you desire more easily and also be more clear on what you are trying to attract.

More to follow...Bookmark this page for more Wisdom of the week Have fun...! and remember to breathe....

Note: If you would like to learn more, click here to learn about software that helps you re-learn this precious gift of life.

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