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This Week's Wisdom Deals with Sailing through the Storm

By Paul Bauer

We've all had days or weeks that nothing seems to go right for us, or at least this is how our ego reacts to these events. The significance of this lesson is crucial in our ablity to grow and manifest the results we desire in our lives.

Sailing through the storm means that you know that events do not control your life. As Napolean Hill once said, "God has given us control over one thing in our lives - our thoughts". How do we use this wisdom?

Begin by asking yourself, "If this event or decison went smoothly, how would I react?" As you begin to notice your reactions, consider how just shifting your attention concerning the result actually makes you feel different.

Sailing through the storm means that you are not at the mercy of what others say or think. The famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow once said: "Learn to be free of the good opinion of others." Think about this just for a moment. If you can be free of the good opinion of others, just think - when they offer thair "bad" opinion to you, you can choose not to accept it.

Now, let's take this concept one step further. You can be free of the good opinion of others, which is a major step, ahh, but what if you could be free of the good opinion of your own ego? Now, that my friend is freedom!

Paul, what do you mean, be free of your the good opinion of your own ego? How do I do this?

Just sit back and notice your thoughts and reactions to your thoughts. Good or bad. The more you train your mind to be aware of your thoughts (especially those seemingly most difficult times when you are mentally and physically fatigued), the more you gain strength. As the famous philosopher and author, Vernon Howard once wrote: "The very act of noticing is a state of strength in itself".

Sit back and notice your thoughts for just 10 minutes. Let nothing else distract you. Breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are the thinker of your thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. Relax, breathe deeply...

May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily, effortlessly as your Dreams become real...

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