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Living in the Moment...

By Paul Bauer

subconscious mind and motivation

This week's wisdom is on the power of living in the moment. That ability that we all have to be present... allowing all this moment offers us, and all we have to offer it. Years ago, I used to be a very future oriented and thinking person. Always saying to myself and others, "Tomorrow's gonna' be so much better than today... I can't wait!" - While not even realizing that first, I wasn't even dealing with the realities of what I needed to face in the present - not enough money, not loving my work, looking for others to validate my level of excitement... and a host of other externally validating needs that I had at the time.

What I didn't realize that I was literally draining my energy from the present out into the future. I remember saying to myself things like, "I'll have more tomorrow if only this would change" or "If I only had more intuition...I wish I had more wisdom...maybe tomorrow..." Without realizing that I was spending all my energy hoping for something better to happen next week or next year, instead of listening to my intuition and taking a breath to be present.

Buddha taught his students to be here now - in this moment. For this is the only moment we have - as you're reading this wisdom now - this is the only moment you have. This is the place where God is, in this space of time, a time like no other - a time to listen to your Heart, not just your mind - and trusting your Heart's wisdom like you would a trusted friend or loved one. As you read this, think of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for today. Your health, your job, your intellect, your physical body (your own temple), your home, your friends... the list is as infinite as you are.

Take a moment to reflect... to embrace the real you - the True you that honors people and is creative, the True you that is sacred, as are your Dreams in life...

Pause for a moment...


Listen to the song inside you... that wonderful resonance inside you that longs to be heard...

And when you listen to its sweet call, you are present, you are loved, you are infinite, you are divine. Allow this magnificent feeling to wash over you... to move through you... as if you were on a beautiful sandy beach of your Dreams... smelling the salt sea air... feeling the gentle tradewinds move through your hair... feeling the soft sand at your feet... feeling grounded...

Allowing any stress you may have to just effortlessly wash away with with flow of the tides... Remembering that you are part of the azure ocean before you... it is your Source and you are its beginning...

Feeling present... feeling grounded... allowing this moment to be you...

And you are better for this...

And so it is...

As you make your way today, remember this feeling. This feeling that you have all you need to create what you desire already inside you. Knowing that you are on purpose... embracing each moment for its sweetness and beauty - even when it seems difficult. As you do this, you will attract what you most passionately desire.

I wish you many blessings,

Paul Bauer
Author of Dream-Minder
Software That Frees Your Mind and Lifts Your Spirit

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