This Week's Wisdom deals with Intuition

How to develop, listen to, and trust
your most valuable resource

By Paul Bauer

I have a special Wisdom of the Week to share with you today. It's about your unique gift of intuition. A gift so special, it's a wonder why more people don't hear it and use to fuel their Dreams and Vision in life.

     Your intuition has incredible power to "see" and "hear" and "feel" beyond your normal 5 senses abilities. What I mean is that your hunches, those little messages that we all receive have incredible ability to fuel our Life's Dreams and help us move beyond our so-called limitations.

     Your intuition is more than just a random voice that speaks every once-in-a-while. In fact, it has the power to help you notice what is most important in your life and how to go about nurturing and honoring the God-given talents and strengths that are within you.

     On May 19th, 1999 something wonderful happened. An important movie for kids of all ages premiered. It's made by a man who is living his Dream. He was recently interviewed on 60 Minutes. In essence, he's a kid in an adult body living his boyhood Dream. His movies have grossed over 1 Billion dollars and this summer he'll again be at the top of the film making world. But, more importantly, his vision will be be seen by thousands of young children who will receive at least two messages:

1) Dare to Dream
2) Anyone can create their Life's Dreams if they have the courage to listen to their Heart and act upon their intuition - their Dream in Life

     The man I'm speaking about is George Lucas. The man that created Star Wars - a visionary to say the least. Do you think that he could of created anything without first listening to his inner voice? How many of us have a story within us that we would love to tell, but are fearful of writing it or sharing it?

     Can you imagine if George Lucas allowed fear to rule his life? Can you imagine how different the movie experience would be without George Lucas having the courage to act on his intuition and share his vision with the world? Can you imagine the thousands of children who would miss the epic story of good and evil and how the Force runs through all of us?

     How can you listen to your intuition today? How can you act upon this voice within you? How can you give this creative force within you a means to express itself?

Are you willing? Are you prepared? Are you willing to surrender your ego for just a short while and have the courage to begin Your Dream?

I challenge you now, my friend, as you read this... take out a sheet of paper and write down this question.

What IS my Life's Dream?

Take a deep breath and relax ...And give yourself all the time you need...

What would you LOVE to do, but fear doing ...?

And listen...

Whatever comes to you, write it down - no matter how "silly" or "weird" it may be. Keep in mind that great ideas have started this same way!

Put a date on this piece of paper, because in 6 months or a year from now, you'll be able to look back and say to yourself - "That's when I began my Dream! That's the day that changed my life - because I decided to begin living it!

After you've written down your Dream, then write down:

What could I do beginning today to energize my Dream?

Who do I need to contact that could help me with developing my Vision?

Keep in mind that masterpieces take time. Anything worth creating will take more than just one day - but after you've begun to energize your Dream - something magical will begin to occur - it will begin to energize you!

Instead of taking more energy, it will give you more!

Let today mark the beginning of allowing your Life's Dream to become real. Trust your hunches - your gut feelings, and realize the power of this quiet but trusted friend.

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May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily, effortlessly as you make your Dreams real...

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