This Week's Wisdom deals with Your Masterpiece

Masterpieces Taek Time...

When you look at anything worthwhile that has been created, it seems that whoever created it was "lucky" or somehow predestined to create it. What we don't notice is the day-to-day practice of sculpting their idea into its final creation.

For some people, this can take a lifetime, for others, years. In our American culture, we've been led to believe that "overnight successes" are something to get excited about. But when you look closer at these "overnight successes", you'll notice one of two things. First, if they are truly successful, you'll notice that they had been preparing for years for what finally hit critical mass and seemed "easy" to the outside world - or Second, some overnite successes have fallen just as fast as they've risen because they hadn't built the emotional foundation based on life experience that any great endeavor demands.

So, my friend, what I'm really saying is that building your Life's Dream takes time - Masterpieces take time. Take time to study someone you look up to and you'll find a rich life experience that you can learn from. Find people like this that you can speak with and learn how to take your Dream and craft it into something of value that people can use!

What can I do today, Paul?
Good question! Let's look at building your masterpiece in a unique way. Begin by printing out this Wisdom. You'll also need an idea journal to write down your creative ideas. I'll talk more about idea journals in a later Wisdom of the Week.

Warning: Only if you truly want to be successful and have joy about creating something valuable for people should you use this exercise. This is a time-tested method of putting your creative juices to work. Great artists, composers, writers, inventors, musicians and people of all kinds have used this method to create their Life's Masterpieces. You can do this too! The key is your Power of Choice. Choose to begin a new destiny as you read this. Choose a new future of fulfillment and joy - because you chose to be True to the song in your Heart. Begin now my friend....

Begin by:
Asking yourself, "What creative idea would I LOVE to put together?"

Write down all ideas that come to you, no matter how silly or weird the ideas may seem. The key here is to not judge whether your idea is sound or not. The energy begins to move when you write down your idea and can then begin to "take shape" the more you mold it into its eventual form.

Even if nothing "seems" to make sense at first, you'll notice that day-to-day, you'll make progress and you'll look back and notice that in fact your creation is taking form!

3) After you've laid the foundation for your creation, give it time to "simmer". Take a break, go for a walk, take a nap, listen to some calming Music, exercise, or some non-linear activity. This gives your mind a break and lets your creative resources work on possibilities of allowing your idea to come to form.

4) Over time, test your idea, share it with people you Trust, ask them and others for help in crafting your idea. Only by sharing your ideas with others will they ever reach the heights that they're capable of reaching!

Listen to feedback from your Mastermind team. Allow others to help you realize your creative abilities and honor them in the process. And remember to have FUN!           : - )

Ask yourself:
What could I do beginning today to energize my Dream?

Who do I need to contact that could help me with developing my Vision?

Keep in mind that masterpieces take time. Anything worth creating will take more than just one day - but after you've begun to energize your Dream - something magical will begin to occur - it will begin to energize you!

Instead of taking more energy, it will give you more!

Keep in Mind Masterpieces Take Time, now go forth and
Dare to Create Your Life's Masterpiece!

Let today mark the beginning of allowing your Life's Dream to become real. Trust your hunches - your gut feelings, and realize the power of this quiet but trusted friend.

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May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily, effortlessly as you make your Dreams real...

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