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The Magic Art Of Asking
Empowering Questions

By Paul Bauer

subconscious mind and motivation

This week's wisdom concerns the art of asking empowering questions and the benefits it can immediately bring to you. We all have an innate ability to ask questions and our mind will always answer whatever question we ask of it. So, the question is not "will you get an answer to the question you ask"; the question is "are you asking your self empowering questions?", questions that inspire you or help you tap your creativity and imagination.

A True Story
Several years ago, I used to think in a very linear fashion. I operated out of my left (analytical) brain quite often. About six years ago, after reading some very inspiring books and being open to the influence of some very special friends; I began to ask myself questions like "How can I imagine myself already having achieved this Dream or goal?", and "How can I learn from this challenge or lesson?"

The learning that I went through was some of the most important of my whole life. My right brain (creative, intuitive) began to "open up". Even when I didn't have an idea of what to ask, I would take whatever problem or challenge that I was having and turn it into a question.

Example: There was a time when I didn't have enough money to pay my mortgage, so I asked myself "What ways can I imagine to pay my mortgage?" I chose not to worry or feel sorry for myself and just that was a major step. I chose to focus on the solution, not the problem. With awareness, I shifted, not forced my thoughts to an empowering outcome. I still felt the feelings of frustration as I began to shift my awareness, but I knew that these feelings were my ego struggling with my True self. As I stopped struggling, I began to notice my body felt more relaxed, my mind relaxed, and new ideas began to come to me.

I remembered some wisdom an old friend once taught me - "What ever you resist persists." I chose to let go of the suffering feeling. That same old friend reminded me during my struggle of the following quote:

"Your suffering is the pain of holding
onto that which no longer serves you"

                                              - Kahlil Gabran

I thought about this for some time. My Heart told me it was time to let go... time to move forward with my life and my destiny. This shift has made a major difference in my life. I have seen it work with many people who attend my seminars, one-on-one clients as well as close friends and family members.

The result of having shifted my thoughts and feelings (not psyching myself up with motivational jargon or hype) was that I was easily able to increase my income! I found sources that I hadn't previously thought were possible.

I learned to sit with my feelings and learn from them, not run from them and force positive thoughts to "take over". I chose to listen to my inner voice - just like listening to your own child when they need your help. This my friends will make all the difference for you.

Allow yourself the time and patience for your innate voice and wisdom to flow through you. Picture a Lipton flow-through tea bag (an image that came to me while explaining this concept to friend recently - it was said in jest, but they got the idea!). Imagine wisdom passing from the Universe into you - like a rainbow of colors. The colors come to you from within - and allow them freedom to be heard, write them down, discuss them with your mastermind or Dream team.

Your mind (and Heart) will provide answers to whatever you dwell on, so be mindful of what you choose to place your focus on.

Other examples of empowering questions you can ask yourself (or others)
How could my life be transformed if I did this thing I fear?
What in me has attracted these circumstances in my life, and how can I learn what I need to learn from them.
What are most treasured memories?
How can I turn this __________ around? (insert your challenge
or problem)

How can I have fun doing the things I need to do today?
How do I want to feel. (Also use the word choose)
What am I grateful for?
How can I add value to other people's lives?
How can I use in my intuition to gain more clarity in my life?
How can I express from my Heart and Spirit how lucky I
feel to be alive?

How can I be a force for good and help solve problems and make this a better world for to live (especially for our children!)

As you can see, the list is potentially infinite. What do you stand for?
Who are you? How can you make a difference in this world.
How can you add value to someone's life today?
How can you re-gain your ability to look at life with wonder though the eyes of a child?
How can you use your innate genius and creativity and live the life you've imagined?

Just be aware of your thoughts, and
breathe and ask yourself empowering questions. Honor your feelings and listen to them, they are your friends, they have much to teach you!

Have fun...! Laugh out loud (It's great medicine!) and remember to breathe...

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