Recovery from the Ruins

By Paul Bauer


When the Depression hit America IN 1929, the ENTIRE country was economically and psychologically drained. People who lost their life savings began to commit suicide. The stock market crashed. Banks had to close their doors. It was the worst depression our country has ever seen

Before the downward spiral could continue, Franklin D. Roosevelt brought together the best minds in the country to ask for their input to stop the depression and stimulate the country, both economically and psychologically.

A fellow named Naploean Hill suggested that all the newspapers STOP printing bad news. His suggestion was that they should only print stories of how the country was re-building and gaining strength.

Guess what happened?

Napolean Hill's strategy worked. With the blessings of Roosevelt, all the major media outlets (radio and newspaper) turned the tide - and injected stories of inspiration - rather than stories of despair and the country re-built itself (and learned that you can turn ANY problem around - physical, mental, spiritual or emotional).

Will we wait for the media to say "It's ok to live your normal life now" or will you find a deeper meaning in your life and make today the day that the world watched as we grew stronger - not weaker. The day we came together - not looked for our differences. The day we found a deeper
meaning in our lives rather than living life without purpose or meaning.

The day we found true peace rather than perpetuating the hatred and anger that robs us of living a full and meaningful life.

The day we decided to remember that it's not our government
that runs our country, We Do.

But then be prepared to carry that new energy and create momentum - the kind that will last - long after cowards and terrorists that hide their faces are gone.

Let's all stand for something as of TODAY.

Carpe Diem - Seize the Moment

"Stand Up and Seize the Day"


Ask yourself today:

What's most important to me?

What have I been putting off that I'd truly LOVE to do?

What can I do today to feel inspired?

What Dream could I energize today?

If my life ended today, would I be satisfied with the way I
lived it? Or is there something I can do to begin to open
up my Vision, my passion, my purpose or my Life's


After this past weeks tragedies, many people are wondering:

What will happen now?

What will happen to the stock market?

What about my job, what will I do, now that the economic
effects are becoming "worse"?

How we will we recover form such a devastating effect?

Let's consider how all of us can find a deeper meaning


Ask yourself:

"How can I find a deeper meaning in my life today?"

"What do I stand for?"

"How can I be a part of the world-wide transformation
from war to Peace?"

"How can I dig deeper within myself to find resources
that I haven't previously even known that I've had to
re-build my country, my community, my job, or my

How can I be part of an incredible shift from destruction
to re-building - economically, emotionally, spiritually
and mentally.


First . . .


b r e a t h e


then write down what comes to you...



Now, take this wisdom and move forward. Take a stand for
something you TRULY believe in.



With Passion

With Compassion

Help someone in need. Find meaning in your life today.

Dig deep and you'll find strength you've never knew you even had.

Revel in Your Time, my friend

Let Your Spirit Shine, and set the child within you free

: - )

And may The Sleeping Giant Within You Awaken Today

And so it is...

: - )




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