The Dis-ease Of Self Improvement

By Paul Bauer

The old sage Vernon Howard once coined the phrase "psychic sleep" which he used when he described people who went through life "going through the motions" without even being aware they we're going through these "motions' (or why they go through them).

People who struggle their way through life after a while become exhausted from these struggles and begin to seek outside help.

Over the past 100 years, a series of "experts", pundits, "teachers" and "leaders" have appeared who pretend that they have all the answers to life's questions. Many of these so called experts are male. These well intentioned (but misguided) souls have more power (ego) in mind than the well being of your soul or mankind (let alone our precious planet).

Like many males, I was once under the false illusion that my mind was in charge and that all I had to do was plan more, strive harder, work harder and all my problems would be solved.

Does this sound familiar?

The "work harder,

then I'll get what I want,

then I'll feel better" syndrome.

But, as Vernon Howard states so eloquently, we're beginning to get a perception into the deception. The deception that the male-centric ego energy has been foisting upon the world for centuries that's created the wars, the struggle, the poverty, and the heartache that people seem to continue to fall into. (and since I'm a Male, I can see this insidious effect more clearly then ever - and it's time for us to let it go     : - )

The End of The Mind Trap

We're now at a crossroads of our civilization - one where we can continue raping the land, wasting our precious resources and watching our children suffer from lack of love or we can wake up from our "psychic sleep" and live in harmony with Mother Nature instead of neglecting her.

What's this got to do with the Disease of Self Improvement? As the old sages have taught us, it's important to understand where we've come from in order to know where we're going. If we've come from a male dominated (fear-based) past where few (if any) of the leaders were truly happy with themselves, isn't it vitally important to examine (question) the principles they've passed on (in other words brainwashed society into believing)?

The Disease of Self Improvement means that many of us have bought-into the false notion that in order to feel happy, we have to be more, do more, make more, strive more, push more... until we're so exhausted, so dis-connected from our True selves that even
if we found our True selves again we may have a hard time recognizing (or feeling) if it's the real thing.

In todays society, these fear-based principles have wound their way into every family, every school, every organization and have wound themselves so tightly into the structure - the very fabric of the culture that we're unable to even notice it or the effect that this fear-based struggle has upon our bodies, our energy, our society or our children.

As these experts continue to spread this fear-based mentality like a contagious disease, many of us are still caught off guard because we're so caught up in the very same struggle that they are. These experts are afraid - afraid that they'll lose control - that they'll lose power and lose their dominance in the marketplace.

So what can we do to see beyond these so called "experts"?

Your Own Compass - Your Own Roadmap

The way out of the trap of self improvement is to become your own compass - like having your own roadmap.

Instead of asking directions from "experts" who haven't even dealt with their own core issues, you can ask the best source ever conceived...

Your own self

True Self

As you re-discover the simple pathways of discovery (and the sheer joy of self discovery) - you'll notice that you'll pass these "experts" on the highway of life. You'll recognize them very clearly, they'll have that scared look on their face - like their losing their power over you. You'll continue on your path. And you'll never need to look back again...

How do you begin to live your life without the need for "self improvement"? Begin by understanding that you already are whole. Already ok - already loved by all of us who support you. You don't need anything more to complete YOU. You already are special.

You are already

"Who you really are is enough."
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
(from "The Dance")

But what about all those books and videos and seminars Paul? "Aren't any of them good?" YES, of course there are many quality authors, speakers, and visionaries who will support you and your Spirit. I'm challenging you to be discerning. I'm challenging you to question the point of view of many of the supposed experts and gurus. When you hear some of them saying "You have to work harder and strive harder to reach your goals" (if I hear that phrase one more time, I think I may get sick     : - )   - Stop and
NOTICE their energy.

Watch how they treat people. What does your gut say about them? Do they make you feel accepted and understood or pushed and manipulated?

Just stop and

Your guidance system (your intuition) will tell you.

As you become more aware of your True Nature - Your
Spirit, you'll be able to re-connect with your passions, your joy, your Life's Dreams.

And so it is...

So today, just...

b - r - e - a - t - h - e

Take today to free yourself from the dark side, the male-centric ego struggle that has had so many of us caught in the mind-trap of motivation and achievement.

B r e a t h e, and take a moment to Dream today my friend...

You don't need self improvement, you're already complete. (and the solutions to your biggest problems are within you - not in some guru).

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May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily,
effortlessly as you make your Dreams real...


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