How To Free Yourself From Your Ego And Live
From Your True self - Your Spirit

By Paul Bauer

If we desire true freedom, freedom from any outside "event" that seeks to tie us down, we need to understand the ongoing struggle that our egos "intend" to have with our True selves. Real freedom begins with the ability to understand that we are the thinker of the thoughts in our heads, but we are not the thoughts themselves. We create these thoughts, but they do not create us. We can exercise our ability to 'watch' these thoughts as they come in and watch them as they leave - and being aware that watching them is a state of strength in itself.

Tell me more about "watching", Paul...

When I say "watching them", I mean noticing the thoughts or the reactions we have that go on inside of us. When we stop and notice what's really happening as we sense fear, anger, conflict, stress, etc; we'll soon realize that what's really happening is we're having a reaction to something.

a comment
an occurrence
a thought

This reaction is similar to a person's fear of the dark, they believe that when it turns dark, that they should be scared. But what would happen if they decided to walk into the dark with no expectation, only a sense of curiousness? I'm not saying to deny that's it's dark, or to affirm:

"I have courage in the dark, I have courage in the dark"

We've learned that this path won't work. Why? Because we're resisting the very fear that's trying to teach us something. We're now learning that fear is our greatest teacher. Fear only intends to help us notice what's really going on - like a wake-up call.

What would happen if we decided to enter into a new possibility in our lives with an open, curious state of child-like innocence?

Can you see how this could make a difference in your life?
Just imagine how entering into any situation (new or old) with this re-newed awareness can free you and bring you back to your True Self...

Q. What do you mean by the phrase "True Self"
Your true self is your Spirit. The part of you that has no boundaries - no limitations. To understand this is to live your life with no real fear. Only your ego fears anything. Your True self - your Spirit - knows that in order to truly free yourself from your ego and its ceaseless mind games, you must face your fears.

A quote from Guy Finley's insightful book "The Secret of Letting Go" reads:

"Just dare to proceed even while being afraid. But remember, your new aim isn't to be courageous or to try to act strong in the face of fear. No. We've seen that this won't work. You simply want to be be more curious about your frightened thoughts and feelings than you want to believe in them. If you follow this simple but Higher Instruction, not only will you start to see these habitual reactions that have been keeping you scared and running, you'll actually start seeing through them."

Notice how Guy says,
"...not only will you start to see these habitual reactions that have been keeping you scared and running, you'll actually start seeing
through them"

Seeing through the fear is what frees us. The moment we become aware - in other words fully conscious of what's really going on in our lives, in that instant, we have freed ourselves. If on the other hand, when we allow our egos to "run scared", and react in fear, we've already been deceived - even before we've had a chance to move forward.

Today, practice this wisdom in your life. Step back for a moment from your thoughts and notice that you are the thinker of your thoughts, not the thoughts themselves...

Breathe, and just watch like you're watching a movie...

Notice the actors on the stage... You, your boss, your family, your friends, and notice how each interacts, but watch from the audience - or from above the stage. Picture this in your mind now...

You're now becoming aware of how you're not at the mercy of any event. Your True Self now shines through and your false self realizes that struggling won't work any longer.

Q. "How do I know the difference between my True self and my false self" (ego)?
Ask yourself, "Which provides me more peace?" And sit back and watch and see how you react to your own routine thoughts and feelings. As you can do this, the light of your True self that once seemed dim will continue to brighten.

Q. "Isn't it better to just move on and not acknowledge the past or the pain?"
Trying to move beyond a problem without first understanding it (watching it ) is like asking for directions from someone who has never traveled the land you seek - and with no map. They have been using a map based upon ego - What I call the "map of the ego".

Take a moment today and begin to notice, to watch what's really going on in your life...

Watch, notice and become aware...

As you do, you are

And so it is...

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