Week 5

A visitor to our site asks, "Why is it important to have a Dream? I’m used to setting goals and 'just doing it'.

By Paul Bauer

Great question!! There’s a famous quote that reads "Dreams are the songs of your heart, the children of your soul". We have seen many people who have spent their entire lives in pursuit of money, power, fame, and more trappings of the conscious mind and ego. It’s interesting to notice that many of these people despite their material wealth are spiritually bankrupt. In this generation, we are beginning to be aware that pursuing goals for their own sake is like idolizing someone that you seek wisdom from instead of allowing their wisdom to inspire you to your fullest potential - to your greatest heights.

Your Dreams - your waking Dreams, are important because they come from your creative Self. The Self that we spoke about in Week 3 . When you realize your Dream - and begin to embrace it and live it, my friend, your life will transform in such a way that you will wonder how you could have lived your life in any other way. Your Dreams come from your Heart -and your Spirit speaks through your Heart. Infinite Intelligence (or God) is readily available to you when you decide to live your Dream.

Q. "What if I don't know what my Dream is?"
There are many ways of discovering or as I prefer to put it "re-discovering" your Dream. I say "re-discover" because you already know deep inside what your Dream is. All you need to do is ask and It will present itself. First, write down the things you love to do. Ask yourself  “If I could do anything in this world, what would it be?” Another way of asking would be “If you were given a million dollars today, would you continue your current job?"

What would you choose to do? As you ponder what your Dream is, place your hand on your Heart and sense what your Heart is trying to tell you. Close your eyes and listen to your own wisdom. Know that you are part of Infinite Intelligence, the Source. Feel your life Source flow through you.

Q. "Do my waking Dreams differ from my dreams when I sleep?"
They are very closely related. Both come from your unconscious - your creative Self. This part of you knows know limitations, no boundaries and can give you effortless ideas and inspiration when you need it most. Know this - setting goals and accomplishing them are a left brained analytical activity. Being in touch with your Dream and who you really are will give you more fulfillment than all the goal setting and accomplishment in the world could give you. When you realize this difference, your perceptions of what life offers you and what you have to offer life will profoundly shift.
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