Week 6

The value of creating your own Journal for your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

By Paul Bauer

This week's wisdom deals with the art of journalling. The practice of regularly connecting with our own thoughts, feelings, frustrations and real life experiences. Reflecting upon these experiences can help you understand and learn profound lessons in your life.

The famous guided imagery expert and author of the "Goddess Within", Susan Castle is quoted as saying,

"Journalling helps you grow, and flow. It helps you get in touch with who you really are...your essence. It helps put you in touch with the Dreamer in you. It nourishes your Dreamer. Journalling provides clarity, discovery, and authentic expression. It allows you to be in the moment - the only moment we have..."

Journalling will help you record the "best of times and the worst of times"as the famous author Charles Dickens once put it. It will give you the ability to track and remember the synchronistic experiences and events that you have encountered. For me in my life, I enjoy 'going back' to see how I've grown and developed. You will also enjoy reflecting on your own transformation.

Q. "What if I've never journalled before? What do I do and how often?"
Answer. Journalling can be done as often as you like. Some people journal daily, others weekly. The key is to regularly get in touch with how you are feeling. This will help you understand your Dreams, your fears, or any energy that may be "stuck".

Q. "Is there a particular way I should journal ?"
Answer. The best way is your way. Do what feels right. You will notice that it is more important that you journal regularly than follow any pre-determined style. The key here is that you are being present with your feelings and experiences - this has vital importance in your life. As you look back, you will be able to notice trends or ways that you may feel or act that you might want to change. Or, you may look back in wonder and realize just how far you have come!

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