Week 7

How knowing what makes you feel alive and passionate can help you more than just getting "what you wish for".

By Paul Bauer

The difference between a goal and a Dream is not just setting a time frame for its attainment and then "making it happen". More and more people are beginning to realize that their old aspirations that they thought were going to make them happy actually make them even more unhappy. A new way of thinking has begun in large numbers. People returning to their Dreams. The Dreams of their Hearts. Some call it "Living with a Purpose", others refer to it as "Right Livelihood".

Understand that Real Dreams come from your Heart - from your Soul. Your Passions in life are inseperably linked with your Heart, the place where Dreams come from. Knowing this and weaving this principle into your life will make profound changes for you and your loved ones and friends. You will feel different, more alive, more passionate - more real!

Realizing your Dreams is a choice! You can decide to take what I call "Dream Steps" - those actions that transform your Dreams into reality!

Q. How do I know what my Dreams are and how do I act on them?

Ask yourself, "What makes my heart sing?" What have I wanted to do for years but haven't done because of some obstacle or belief that I perceived?

Keep in mind that the best time to sense your Dream is when you first awake or when you are in a quiet place (preferably in Nature). "When your mind is calm, clarity results". Some of the most successful people in the world know this, and they make their major decisions from a calm mind.

Keep in mind that these successful people value balance in their lives with major importance.

Question: "Paul, Why shouldn't I just continue working on my goals - everything seems to be working?"

Ask Yourself, Am I really happy? Or, Am I looking outside for my fulfillment rather than inside. You'll notice that I often have you ask yourself questions - or refer to how you feel inside. The reason for this is because deep inside you, there is an incredible source of creativity and imagination that you are only beginning to tap. Goals are fine - but how do you really feel when you accomplish them? Do you feel rewarded? Or do you just pass them off, like another old challenge has been met?

Do you actually take the time to acknowledge your small successes that you've created in your life? Do you take time to pat yourself on the back (especially when no one else does?)

Know this - Real happiness and satisfaction in life depends upon how you embrace what You are passionate about! And only by embracing your passions can you achieve the happiness you are destined for.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain
tight in the bud was more painful than the risk
it took to blossom"

- Anais Nin

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