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Practical ideas that you can use today
to make your Dreams Real

By Paul Bauer

Wisdom 23 Goal- Setting - The Simple Way
Past Issues
Wisdom 22 The Dis-ease of Self Improvement 
Wisdom 21 Recovery from The Ruins
Wisdom 20 The Importance of Play
Wisdom 18 The Invitation   (Updated)
Wisdom 17 Inside You Lies Greatness - A story about You
Wisdom 16 Integrity - How to honor your Truth 
Wisdom 15 The Force Within You
Wisdom 14 Masterpieces Take Time
Wisdom 13 Faith - The Faith that can move mountains
Wisdom 12 Intuition - How to develop, listen to, and trust your most valuable resource
Wisdom 11 Living in the Moment
Wisdom 10 Sailing through the Storm
How to free yourself from your Ego
Wisdom 9 Trust - The Trust we must have in order to manifest
what we truly desire
Wisdom 8 This popular wisdom has been "lost in the archives"
Check back later and see if it's been re-discovered
Wisdom 7 How knowing what makes you feel alive and passionate can help you more than just getting "what you wish for".
Wisdom 6 The value of creating your own Journal for your thoughts,
feelings and experiences.
Wisdom 5 A visitor to our site asks, "Why is it important to have a Dream? I’m used to setting goals and 'just doing it'".
Wisdom 4  How can I bring more success into my life?
Wisdom 3 How to free yourself from your ego and live from your
True self - your Spirit
Wisdom 2 The magic art of asking empowering questions
Wisdom 1 How deep breathing can help you relieve stress
and help you attract what you desire.

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